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Photo: Mountain Biking above the Green River

Mountain Biking Take a Two-Wheeled Journey

Whether you are new to mountain biking or a true gearhead, it’s no secret that Sweetwater County is home to some of the nation’s most sought-after bike trails, especially for mountain bikers. 

Southwest Wyoming offers the ideal combination of wide-open spaces, abundant public lands and knack for adventure, making it a top destination for endless fun on two wheels. Just don’t be surprised if you encounter as much wildlife as you do other bikers. 

Here are three of the best places to mountain bike in Sweetwater County:

Wilkins Peak Trail System

Accessed on the southeastern side of Green River, the Wilkins Peak Trail System is extensive enough to warrant multiple days of mountain biking. Adored by locals and  voted "#1 Best Mountain Bike Trail in Wyoming"  and the "The Most Popular Mountain Bike Trail in Wyoming" for two years in a row by Singletracks.com, this trail system is very well maintained and boasts magnificent views of the area’s unique landscape that experts and novices alike can enjoy.

Warm up your legs on the lower-elevation and easier trails along the Green River, like heading out on 10 Ring and looping back on Surfing. Then, get your heart racing on the labyrinth of singletrack trails on the peak’s western face, such as Brent and Mikes and Quick Draw. For technical biking, hit up the aptly-named 4.5-mile Pick Your Poison.

The Sweetwater Mountain Biking Association offers frequent trail reports in the area on their Facebook page.

Green River Bike Park

If you are ready to kick your mountain biking skills up a notch — or have a teenager in the family with X Games aspirations — head immediately to the Green River Bike Park. Offering several trails for all levels of riding, the park gives freestyle riders a golden chance to improve their skills.

Newbies will get a thrill on the berms and easy-rollers of the Pump Track, while aggressive riders will want to get major air on the Jump Trail. 

Cherokee Trail/Currant Creek Ranch Loop

Located just east of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Little Mountain area boasts an incredible 250 miles of trails. Of these trails, the most popular — for good reason — is the Cherokee Trail off the old Currant Creek Ranch Road (County Road 33). From elevated vantage points on this route, it is not uncommon to see more than 100 miles. The Currant Creek and Dry Hollow Trails are also great options, both offering steady climbs with ample descents on the return.

For more information on area mountain biking trails and conditions, stop by Rock Spring’s Bike and Trike bike shop for a cup of coffee and to tap into a fountain of gearhead knowledge from the locals.

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