Sweetwater County Announces 2nd Annual Green River
Expedition Freestyle Kayak Event May 04, 2012

Paddling Competition Showcases Area’s Whitewater Features that Range from Friendly to Fierce 

Sweetwater County, Wyo. – Sweetwater County, Wyo., will host the 2nd Annual Green River Expedition Freestyle Kayak Event on May 19. The competition draws kayakers from all over the country to Expedition Island in Green River to compete in this point series competition. Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism Executive Director Jenissa Bartlett says this competition highlights the fact that Sweetwater County is an amazing place to paddle. “From the whitewater park to play features and tubing channels, we have something for kayakers and canoers of all ability levels,” says Bartlett.

The Green River’s clean, clear waters run through the city of Green River and can be accessed from many points in the county. The stretch of river from Jamestown to lower Expedition Island is an ideal place for beginners and intermediates to learn river running skills. More advanced kayakers can playboat (i.e. practice technical moves) in the main features.

There are three main features along the way, the first of which forms a smooth, friendly wave and is great for beginners and intermediates to side-surf, do 360s, and get pop-ups and enders. Advanced kayakers can get in on the fun with aerial tricks like loops and cartwheels. Two large eddies form on each side and are good for practicing Eskimo rolls and peel-outs and for doing stern squirts.

The second feature is a wave located about a half-mile downstream that can be served on either the right or the left, depending on flow rates. There are two eddies with strong current differential that provide practice for beginners and intermediates on peel-outs and stern-squirts. 

The third feature, Castle Falls, is at lower Expedition Island and is formed from eight pneumatically controlled gates that can be raised or lowered to create the perfect hole at almost any flow rate. Expert kayakers can side-surf and perform 360s, loops, cartwheels and many other playboating moves. The feature is protected by a reactionary wave that forms on both sides. The trick to getting in is to enter at the outer edge of the feature.

Eddies on either side are perfect for paddlers of all abilities to practice rolls and peel-outs. The current just downstream of this feature is very turbulent and provides excellent combat roll practice for beginners through advanced paddlers. “With Expedition Island – and its beaches, park, pavilion, parking and barbecue grills – this area is ‘park and play’ at its finest,” added Bartlett.

The North Channel Tubing Channel at Expedition Island Park is a 1,200-foot lazy river/tubing channel that is an excellent place for beginners to practice Eskimo rolls, eddy-outs and peel-outs. A small, gentle wave forms about mid-way down the channel that is outstanding for beginners to learn to surf. 

About Sweetwater County (www.tourwyoming.com)
Sweetwater County, located halfway between Yellowstone and Canyonlands National Parks in southwest Wyoming, is home to 10,500 square miles of pure, high desert adventure. Known as “Flaming Gorge Country” the area is characterized by the 91-square-mile Flaming Gorge Lake, the famed Green River, expansive deserts and rugged mountains. Activities include camping, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, hunting dinosaurs, shopping, and just plain getting away from it all. A perfect place to explore American history, Sweetwater County is also home to petroglyphs, pioneer trails and historical museums.


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