Sweetwater County, Wyo., Invites Visitors to
Discover Its Treasure Trove of History Aug 22, 2012

From Pioneer Trails to Petroglyphs, Historic Sites and Museums, Traces of the Past Lie Beneath a Veil of Geographical Beauty in Sweetwater County

Sweetwater County, Wyo. - Once the site of a great lake, the high-desert landscape of Sweetwater County is now a panorama of geographical and historical discovery. 
Visitors may follow in the footsteps of pioneers who went before them by blazing their own trail through the breathtaking landmarks of the county. For more studious history lovers, Sweetwater County's three history museums offer a comprehensive study of the area's fossils, photos and artifacts in a range of permanent and rotating exhibits.
From the open plains where Wyoming's wild horses run to the historical sites where their dinosaur predecessors are offered in hulking replica, the untamed spirit of the West beckons visitors to Sweetwater County to experience touches of the past. 
Historic Sites
  • White Mountain Petroglyphs: Art enthusiasts will enjoy the natural exhibit of petroglyphs on White Mountain where the pictorial language of prehistoric people stands the test of time in the sandstone bedrock.
  • Expedition Island: At this National Historical Site hikers and strollers can relive Maj. John Wesley Powell's expeditions to map the river system to the Grand Canyon at his original starting point.
  • Historic South Pass: A museum, cemetery and old cabins mark this once-thriving mining town located just outside Sweetwater County. Set to become one of the flagship historic sites in the nation, this now-booming landmark offers prospectors the chance to pan for their own gold in streams, just like the olden days.
  • The Reliance Tipple: The town of Reliance came into existence by the efforts of the Union Pacific Coal Company who built a coal tipple, which is still explorable today.
Natural Wonders
  • Lake Flaming Gorge: The remnants of the area's prehistoric lake are found at Flaming Gorge where modern-day trophy trout fishing is top-of-the-line.
  • Killpecker Sand Dunes - The product of ancient volcanoes, flat-topped buttes and spires provide wild horse lookouts, as well as four-wheeling fun.
  • Pioneer Trails: Sweetwater County boasts more miles of still-visible pioneer trails than anywhere else in the country. Wagon wheel ruts on the legendary Oregon Trail are still visible and accessible by car and on foot.
  • Rock Formations: Thousands of years of sandstone and shale erosion reveal six of Mother Nature's stunning rock formations - Castle Rock, The Palisades, Pilot Butte, Kissing Rocks, Tollgate Rock and Boar's Tusk - luring photographers and naturists alike.

About Sweetwater County (www.tourwyoming.com)
Sweetwater County, located halfway between Yellowstone and Canyonlands National Parks in southwest Wyoming, is home to 10,500 square miles of pure, high desert adventure. Known as "Flaming Gorge Country," the area is characterized by the 91-square-mile Flaming Gorge Lake, the famed Green River, expansive deserts and rugged mountains. Activities include camping, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, hunting dinosaurs, shopping, and just plain getting away from it all. A perfect place to explore American history, Sweetwater County is also home to petroglyphs, pioneer trails and historical museums.
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