Grant & Board Information

Grant Information

Get $$$ for your event or convention

Grants are available for events, celebrations, conventions and conferences that meet the following mission: Grant Mission: To enhance the economy of Sweetwater County and its municipalities by encouraging the promotion of activities and other recreational opportunities which will attract and retain visitors to Sweetwater County and its municipalities.

Questions? Call (307) 382-2538.

Step #1: Read Grant Guidelines - Updated August 2016

Bids are only required for printing fees and/or production costs under the Advertising and Marketing Grant. Bids are NOT required for Sponsorship Grants.

Step #2: Complete Application (Each event may qualify for one type of funding)

Advertising & Marketing Grant Application - Effective April 4, 2016
Sponsorship Application - Effective April 4, 2016

Sample Applications:
Advertising & Marketing

Application for Recognition of Exemption

**Grant Applications are due on the dates listed below ** Late applications will not be accepted.  

2016 Grant Hearings

March 8, 2017
Western Wyoming Community College, Room 205, Green River @ 5:30 pm
Application Deadline: February 9, 2017

June 12, 2017 
Western Wyoming Community College, Room 1006, Rock Springs @ 5:30 pm
Application Deadline: May 18, 2017

September 13, 2017
Western Wyoming Community College, Room 205, Green River @ 5:30 pm 
Application Deadline: August 17, 2017

December 13, 2017
Travel and Tourism Office, Rock Springs @ 5:30 pm 
Application Deadline: November 16, 2017

Board of Directors

The Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board is comprised of 11 volunteer board members; six members are appointed by the City of Rock Springs, two by the City of Green River, one by Superior, one by Wamsutter and one by the Sweetwater County Commissioners.


  • Allan Wilson, Board Chair
    Green River Appointment
    Expires December 2019 (3rd term)

    Email: awilson62@hotmail.com

  • Mark Lyon, Board Member
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires November 2017(1st term)

    (Filling Falon Morgan's Unexpired Term)
    Email: Lyon_Mark@rswy.net

  • Bridget Renteria, Vice-Chair
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires November 2017(1st term)
    Email: bridget.renteria@hilton.com 

  • Stacy Colvin, Board Member
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires November 2019 (1st term)
    Email: scolvin1986@gmail.com

  • Linda McGovern, Board Member
    County Appointment  1st Term                             (Filling Debbie Alvarez's Unexpired Term)
    Expires November 2017 (1st term)
    Email: linda.mcgovern@rsnb.com

  • Devon Brubaker, Board Member
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires November 2018 (1st term)                       (Filling Liisa Anselmi-Dalton's Unexpired Term) Email: dbrubaker@rockspringsairport.com

  • Janet Hartford, Treasurer
    Green River Appointment
    Expires January 2019 (2nd term)
    Email: Janet.L.Hartford@tsocorp.com

  • Erika Lee Koshar, Board Member
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires May 2019 (2nd term)
    Email: erikalee16@gmail.com

  • Greg Bailey, Board Member
    Rock Springs Appointment
    Expires March 2018 (2nd term)
    Email: gmb3631@hotmail.com

    Kelcie Hammond, Secretary

    Wamsutter Appointment
    Expires September 2018 (1st term)
    Email: kelciejoy@hotmail.com

  • Robert Olguin, Board Member
    Superior Appointment
    Expires December 2019 (1st term)
    Email: rolguin@timberlinehotels.com


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