Andy Austin of Andy and the Van in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

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Photo: Andy Austin of Andy and the Van in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Andy and the Van Explore Southwest Wyoming in a Tiny House

Southwest Wyoming is the perfect destination for off-the-grid travel and rugged adventure. But did you know that it is filled with breathtaking natural attractions and instagram-worthy vistas? 

Blogger and social media influencer, Andy Austin of Andy and the Van, knows this all too well. Experience Sweetwater County through his eyes, and plan a getaway that is sure to make your followers swoon.

#CalloftheWY: The Unexpected Wyoming Desert

After two weeks of finding my #CalloftheWY while working with the Wyoming Office of Tourism, I headed into my last and final week and to be honest, I didn’t even know what to expect at this point. This trip had already been a dream for me and I was convinced that there was no way for it to get better. I was wrong. The first two weeks had me dancing in the Wind River Range, but now it was time to head to the deserts of Wyoming only a few hours away. The shift in landscapes was quickly apparent and drastic. I had transitioned from the mountains to a rugged and uniquely beautiful desert-scapes with hoodoos that looked like they belonged in the southwest U.S., not Wyoming... Read more from Andy and the Van.

Tiny House Comes to Sweetwater

Adventure and travel photographer Andy Austin has been living the dream. Traveling between stunning outdoor meccas, taking photos of his adventures, and curling up each night in a beautiful tiny home on wheels... Read more from Sweetwater Now.

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