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2017 Eclipse Viewing Information

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2017 Eclipse Viewing Information

Nearly Eclipsed Logo - 2017Sweetwater County, Wyoming lives so close to the band of totality making it the perfect basecamp for the Total Solar Eclipse. Take a day trip to the band of totality just north of Rocks Springs and Green River to view this rare occurance or attend the educational eclipse events at the Sweetwater Events Complex. Here is some information to consider before planning your viewing trip:

Where to View

Sweetwater Events Complex offers a prime gathering spot for to set up your basecamp and to learn about the Total Solar Eclipse. With over 1,200 fully equipped RV sites, the Sweetwater Events complex offers you an easy way to access the Total Solar Eclipse from the comfort of your own RV site.  Reserve a site at the Sweetwater Events Complex to maximize your eclipse weekend experience!

Planning Your Eclipse Viewing

Sweetwater County offers multiple eclipse-weekend events in addition to plenty of lodging, camping, and dining options close to the band of totality for the 2017 eclipse. Bitter Creek Brewing even brewed a special beer for the occasion!  Starting in early August, visit Bitter Creek Brewing to taste the "Eclipse Beer" and discover the what this secret brew is made of.

We've put together an itinerary so you can make your once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity into an unforgettable getaway. Take a look!

Safety Considerations

Remember to never look directly into the sun - on Eclipse Day on any other day. The UV rays coming from the sun can damage your eyes. Also, make sure to get your special Eclipse glasses specially made for viewing the Eclipse at the Rock Springs or Green River chambers or at the Sweetwater Events Complex viewing events.  These special Eclipse glasses filter out all of the harmful ultraviolet and infrared light and almost all of the intense visible light to allow you to view the eclipse safely.

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