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UP FROM THE RABBIT HOLE Thursday – July 4, 2019

  • Event Location

    Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery
    2500 College Drive
    Rock Springs, WY 82901


    Florence McEwin

Event Description

Western Wyoming Community College’s Art Gallery will display the work of spring semester students’ art with opening night on May 3rd, from 4:30PM to 7PM. The show is called, "Up from the Rabbit Hole" and will run from May 3rd through August 9th.

The Spring 2019 Art Students’ show, Up From The Rabbit Hole, is a celebration of art, presenting Design, Drawing, Photographic and Ceramic accomplishments that were undertaken within the art classes of Western Wyoming’s Art Foundation program.   According to Art Intern, Drew Yerkovich of Rock Springs, “this semester has meant implementing concept with the process of making.”  

Students participated in approaches to photography, both digital and analog, under the instruction of Hank Ketelsen. Ceramics of all levels and 3D Design were instructed by Bart Fetz. Design Color and Drawing II were guided and directed by Florence McEwin. In addition, this semester included a Cyanotype workshop with UW Professor of Photography, Bailey Russel.

Cyanotype was one of multiple early experiments in photography that has persisted with minor changes since the 1840s until today. Its 20th century iteration was in the form of the blueprint. The process has similarities to the photogram, where objects are placed directly on light sensitized papers but can also be used with a negative image. For simplicity sake exposure is done directly in the sun. Students were encouraged to develop a series of investigations based loosely on a unifying concept of their choosing. In this way they came up with a variety of approaches while learning the process.   Works from the workshop will be included in the show and are most notable for their cyan blue coloration in an un-toned state.  

Ceramics encompasses the vessel form for both functional and nonfunctional purposes, on and off the wheel. 3D design investigates the use of space and mass with the design elements of line, texture, shape and form. Design Color discovers the rich and wonderful world of color relationships both real, as pigment mixture and solely visual caused by interaction of placement. Drawing II is a continuation of Drawing I where students use observation and conceptualization to interpret subject, while along the way line quality is investigated.

This end of the year semester show, once again, includes purchase awards from department directors who select meritorious images or objects to honor student art. These awards are announced during the reception and are a delight and surprise to all.

The opening of Up from the Rabbit Hole takes place on Friday May 3 at 5:30 – 7pm and is free and open to the public. Simultaneously a ceramic sale is held adjacent to the art gallery. For more information on this event or the Art Program at Western, please contact Florence McEwin at fmcewin@westernwyoming.edu.

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