Wyoming’s Big Show® Announces Nothing More Mar 14, 2017

Rock Springs, Wyoming - Wyoming’s Big Show After Dark Concert Series announces rock act Nothing More on Wednesday, August 2. The San Antonio, Texas-based band runs on frenetic passion, unswerving do-it-yourself spirit and sonic experimentation. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Nothing More is nothing less than part schizoid System of a Down weird-isms, part Mars Volta-esque prog rock freak-out, part effortless pop nous. The group’s music is capable of bombastic bounce that hits as hard as an uppercut to the jaw when they fancy it, and then just as easily the boys from the Alamo City can dial down their bluster into deft moments of crystalline beauty. It’s a gut-punching blend made all the more powerful by a keen sophistication with lyrics and a philosophical undertone which belies their years and marks them out from their contemporaries.

The four members of Nothing More formed initially as middle school kids whose aspirations were as serious then as they are now. Nothing More’s early development took place against a backdrop of suburban boredom and rabid musical obsession. The band came to a crossroads when they reached college age.

No More at Wyomings Big Show

“Everyone was telling us to stay in school,” band frontman Jonny Hawkins said, “but for us that would have been selling…We decided that we had to ignore everyone’s advice and totally dedicate ourselves to this band.”

And dedicate themselves they did. From fixing up their first tour van out of a derelict, raccoon-infested RV to making their own stage rigs for their impassioned live show, the quartet literally built everything they have from the ground up.

“When we first started, we branded ourselves on the arm after each year of touring, so we’ve got all these scars now, reminding us of the commitment we made to each other,” Hawkins confided. Those first tours, the ones that resulted in the aforementioned scars, were formative in more ways than one. As the four young men saw and experienced more of the world, their spiritual and philosophical outlook began to evolve. “That period of growth was a real struggle for us individually and collectively,” Hawkins explained, “but it made us a lot more open to other ideas and gave us a deeper faith in our own instincts. I think that reflects in our music.”

As the band’s philosophy developed, a holistic world view took shape within the members of Nothing More, enabling them to deal with the existential and the personal in equal measure, and resulted in the band becoming a group with something to say and no fear of saying it.

“It’s not about us ramming our views on religion or philosophy or politics down anyone’s throat,” Hawkins declared, “it’s about providing the opportunity for people to explore things themselves and challenging their reality.”

That the members of Nothing More have undergone a spiritual awakening ought not to distract from the fact that, in the live arena, they are absolute animals. Raw aggression crashing alongside precise riffing, thunderous bass and tribal percussion create jaw-dropping effect on a nightly basis. Four-way drum battles? Three members playing one bass guitar? These four guys push the limits and challenge the stereotypes of what fans think a band like this can incorporate into their show.

Nothing More is part of a new generation of rock stars who are unconcerned with fabricated notions of how and where they might fit in or what the hottest trend is. Hawkins concluded. “We want to connect people and connect with people.” In addition to Hawkins on the drums, band members are Paul O’Brien also on the drums, Daniel Oliver on bass and Mark Vollelunger on guitar.

The Sweetwater County Fair is the largest annual event in Western Wyoming, drawing over 70,000 visitors in 2016. It features the largest midway in the area, a Grandstand Stage with top-ranked performing artists, traditional county fair exhibits and food, and fun for the whole family.  Additionally, the Sweetwater County Fair was named the NUMBER ONE summer event in Wyoming by Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine. 

Wyoming’s Big Show®- the Sweetwater County Fair After Dark Concert Series will continue to announce the rest of the weeks line up on March 15, 21 and 22 and will announce additional details on the Sweetwater Events Complex Facebook page.  

Additional attractions for the 2017 Fair include Graffiti Artist Arcy, Fido 500 Mini Dog Races, Lady Houdini, Lanky the Clown, Marty Davis’s Legend of Pioneers, Animal Specialties Petting Zoo, Sting Ray Encounter, Prehistoric Adventures with Tonka, Twinkle Time, Roberto the Magnificent and much more.

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