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5 Tips for Adventuring Responsibly

Stay Clean, Stay Safe & Stay Informed

In Rock Springs & Green River, social distancing activities abound from the Red Desert to Flaming Gorge Country. Help us conserve our beautiful lands and prioritize the well-being of locals, visitors and wildlife in Rock Springs and Green River. Together, we can ensure the future of travel and epic adventure in Sweetwater County. Discover five ways to travel responsibly during your next trip to Rock Springs and Green River:

1. Support Local Business

Rock Springs and Green River are home to a variety of small and family-run businesses. Purchase products and dine at locally owned shops and restaurants to directly support the economy. Explore places to eat in Sweetwater County.

Note: During this unprecedented time, local businesses are taking additional safety precautions to ensure the health and well-being of all patrons. This includes extensive sanitation measures and social distancing practices. 

2. Learn Local History

Take the time to learn about the places you visit—this can give you a better understanding and appreciation of the area along with helping you to create relationships with locals. Rock Springs and Green River have a rich history filled with prehistoric dinosaurs, outlaws, railroading, coal mining and more. Visit local museums such as the Community Fine Arts Center, Superior Museum or the Sweetwater County Historical Museum. And don’t forget to check out these must-see historical and cultural hot spots in Rock Springs while you’re in town.

3. Avoid Overcrowding

Luckily, Sweetwater County is known for its wide open spaces. However, popular trails and outdoor recreation areas can still become crowded. Consider visiting in the off-season, choosing trails off the beaten path or planning your adventure during less popular times of the day. Maybe that’s hiking at sunrise instead of 9 a.m. or planning a winter getaway to experience a different season in Rock Springs and Green River. 

4. Leave No Trace

Whether you’re exploring Expedition Island in Green River or the vast Killpecker Sand Dunes, always remember to leave the land as you found it. Help prevent pollution, minimize impact on natural habitats and sustain our diverse landscapes for all to enjoy. Follow the Leave No Trace principles when adventuring in Sweetwater County and beyond.

5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Whenever you travel, make an effort to reduce your carbon footprint. An easy way to do this is by extending your vacation. By staying in Rock Springs and Green River for a longer amount of time, you’ll be able to reduce waste and travel emissions while also being able to learn more about each of Sweetwater County’s charming towns.

Consider bringing bikes to explore local trails or ride around town—use the Greenbelt Pathway in Green River for bike-friendly routes or check out the Wilkins Peak Trail System for a more thrilling adventure. Other ways to travel responsibly include recycling when you can and remembering to bring a reusable water bottle with you!

We’re committed to keeping our wide-open spaces safe for all. Remember to stay clean, stay safe and stay informed while adventuring responsibly in Sweetwater County.